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This is a fairly new domain, that is rapidly expanding and improving. Our professional project managers ensure the completeness of proposal documentation (brochures, datasheets and specification) all the way to completion of the project. Their follow through also includes after sale support and follow up in a very professional ways.We deliver a wide range of services to commercial, educational and government sectors. We have maintained annual increase in turnover.

The department has a dedicated team of network engineers that use the latest test equipment with expertise in CAT 6 UTP, Fiber Optics, Data Center preparation, wireless networks, Servers and backup systems, as well as excellent network design and implementation skills.

System Infrastructure Solutions

Correctly designed, functional and stable systems and application infrastructure is a necessary base of safe and reliable IT operation in all the individual partial sections (Starting from operating systems on servers, client stations and mobile devices, up to systems for IT control and administration). The main activity of system infrastructure services is the realization of robust and safe infrastructure bringing stable, safe and user-friendly environment at servers, client stations and mobile devices. It also provides the users with fast and efficient transfer and sharing of information, efficient development of type documents, and access to external and internal information.

At Alnazawy Group, we understand that your infrastructure technology needs are directly tied to your organization’s unique environment in terms of business requirements, size and operational challenges. We therefore offer infrastructure solutions that are designed to specifically give your rganization the knowledge to gain maximum from your infrastructure. Keeping the people involved in the common task will help them to achieve their goals. Collaborative systems such as Mail, Fax, Calendaring, Audio and Video conference systems are the basis of cooperative work. With many applications riding over the messaging systems to touch the users, it becomes critical to ensure thet users are well connected

Datacentre Management Solutions

Proper network and systems management simplifies management of your network and system infrastructure, and olso ensures the availability and performance of business critical processes with centralized, adaptive and secure management. Continuous discovery and self-management of the health and performance of heterogeneous environment helps reduce risks caused by IT complexity.

IT Security Services

With the current connected world of internet, the need of a proactive, powerful and effective security system is a must. Alnazawy Group is leading in deploying products and integrated security solutions from various technology vendors. Our services include and are not limited to:

  • System Security Architecture Design
  • Implementation of Security Devices
  • Access Control Systems
  • Authentication and Authorization System
  • Authentication and Authorization System

IT Services Managemet

Providers of IT services can no longer afford to focus on technology and their internal organization. They now have to consider the quality of the services they provide and focus on the relationship with customers. IT Service Management is a discipline for managing IT systems centered on the customer's perspective of its contribution to the business. Our Service Management Solutions help you align critical business operations with the underlying technology operations.

Providing services has never seen tougher times than it is experiencing now with the growing number of users and applications to support, growing reliance on IT, and an increasingly compounded IT environment. IT departments need to address this problem and work out ways to solve it. Service Support Solutions help to provide information on incidents, problems, changes, and knowledge management capabilities. These agreement service support and integrate the service desk with the business. These solutions are made on a proven scalable architecture that is ITIL-compliant.

Line of Business

Whatever you need from design, supply or commissioning of network hardware and software, “Alnazawy Group” provides it.